New PhilHealth Chief Says “I don’t know public health.. don’t pre-judge me”

New PhilHealth Chief Admits He Doesn’t Know Anything About Public Health

NEW PHILHEALTH CHIEF – Former NBI chief Dante Gierran admitted that he doesn’t know anything about public health and asked people to not “pre-judge” him.

Following the resignation of former CEO Ricardo Morales, President Duterte appointed Gierran as his replacement. Although new to the world of public health services, Gierran said he wasn’t scared. Instead, the former NBI chief said he was merely “cowed”.

Furthermore, he asked the public to give him a “chance” to clean up the state-owned health insurance firm following the alleged anomalies. Meanwhile, according to an article from ABS-CBN, Gierran said:

I’m a little bit scared… because I don’t know the operation of PhilHealth

New PhilHealth Chief Says "I don't know public health.. don't pre-judge me"

Following this, the new PhilHealth chief admitted during an interview with ANC’s Headstart that he does “not know what is public health”. He explained that he was with the NBI for almost 3 decades. Meanwhile, Gierran said that he doesn’t know the insiders of the health insurer.

But, despite all this, Gierran asserted that he wants to succeed in his post. Moreover, he cited that he wanted to lead people because he wanted to set himself as an example.

As per the article, he said:

My job is to restore the trust of the people in the government… I am new. Give me a chance to lead..

Don’t pre-judge me… If I can’t do my job, I’ll tell my principal.

Lastly, Gierran stated that he would communicate with former PhilHealth CEO Ricardo Morales because he had “much to learn” from him.

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