South Korean President Congratulates BTS For Making K-pop History

South Korean President Personally Congratulates BTS On Historical Achievement

BTS TOPS BILLBOARD – South Korean President Moon Jae-in personally congratulates BTS for making K-pop history.

For the first time ever, a song from a K-pop group hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 song chart. Because of this, South Korea’s very own president posted a Twitter thread congratulating the group.

BTS has achieved its first No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart, writing a new chapter in K-pop history as the first Korean band to do so. After having topped the Billboard 200 main album chart four times, they have now reached No. 1 on both charts.

South Korean President Congratulates BTS For Making K-pop History
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Billboard has long been dominated by western pop-music. However, this time, K-pop pride reigned supreme, showing the dominant nature of the industry.

Aside from this, Moon Jae-in wanted to emphasize the importance of a song such as BTS’s dynamite, especially during the quarantine season.

It is truly amazing. It is a splendid feat that further raises pride in K-pop. The song “Dynamite,” which topped the list, is all the more meaningful as it has been composed to give a message of comfort and hope to people around the world who are struggling with COVID-19.

Finally, the South Korean president ended his thread with him offering his “heartfelt congratulations”.

South Korean President Congratulates BTS For Making K-pop History

Naturally, the ARMY was ecstatic to not only get the No. 1 spot in Billboard but also the support of the most powerful man in the country. With this, fans had further cemented BTS as South Korea’s pride.

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