Pagasa Weather Forecast: 20 April 2024

Residents across Metro Manila and the Philippines brace themselves for another day under the sway of weather patterns dictated by a high-pressure ridge stretching over the eastern section of Luzon. The forecast for the day predicts partly cloudy to cloudy skies with isolated rain showers or thunderstorms, attributed to localized thunderstorms. While these conditions are not unusual for this time of year, it’s essential to remain vigilant, as severe thunderstorms could potentially lead to flash floods or landslides in susceptible areas.

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Forecast Weather Conditions

Throughout the day, residents can expect a mix of sun and clouds, with sporadic rain showers or thunderstorms dotting the landscape. These localized thunderstorms could bring sudden downpours and gusty winds, particularly in areas prone to such weather events.

Forecast Wind and Coastal Water Conditions

The eastern section of Luzon will experience light to moderate winds blowing from the east to southeast direction. Coastal waters in this region will be relatively calm, with wave heights ranging from slight to moderate.

For the rest of the country, winds will also be light to moderate, coming predominantly from the east to northeast direction. Coastal waters in these areas are expected to mirror those in the eastern section of Luzon, with slight to moderate conditions prevailing.

Temperature and Relative Humidity Extremes

Looking back at the past 24 hours, Metro Manila experienced a minimum temperature of 25.5°C at 6:30 AM and a maximum temperature of 35.4°C at 1:50 PM. Relative humidity ranged from 44% at 1:50 PM to 76% at 5:00 AM, reflecting the varying moisture levels in the atmosphere throughout the day.

Tides and Astronomical Information

For those living in Metro Manila, tide patterns will follow the following schedule: Low tide occurred at 02:58 AM (0.02 meters) and 03:33 AM (0.48 meters), while high tide is expected at 10:09 AM (0.53 meters) and 07:51 PM (0.8 meters). Coastal communities must stay updated on tidal information to mitigate the risk of flooding or other coastal hazards.

As we navigate through the day, it’s imperative to stay informed and prepared for any changes in weather conditions. While the forecast indicates a mix of sun and rain, the potential for severe thunderstorms underscores the importance of remaining vigilant and taking necessary precautions to ensure safety and minimize risks.

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