Palace Reacts To US Presidential Race, Talks About Possible Changes

Malacañang Palace Reacts To US Presidential Race Between Biden, Trump

PALACE REACTS – The Malacañang Palace gave its reaction to the US Presidential race between Senator Joe Biden and current US President, Donald Trump.

Currently, the two candidates were going neck and neck, each gaining an edge in key states. However, what does this mean for the relationship of the Philippines and the United States?

According to Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, President Rodrigo Duterte would still have “warm personal relations” with whoever wins the Presidency. We could recall that Trump and Duterte had a good relationship.

Palace Reacts To US Presidential Race, Talks About Possible Changes

All the President needed really was a year or two and he was able to foster personal friendship with President Trump“, said Roque during an interview with CNN.

The spokesperson added:

And even if there is a new President, I am not saying that there will be, but in case there is a new President of the United States in the person of [former] Senator Biden, I am confident that the President can also develop close personal friendship with Mr. Biden. May the best man win as of now.

Meanwhile, in terms of changes between the relationship between the US and the Philippines, Roque emphasized that there wasn’t going to be any major difference.

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