Mocha Uson Says Martin Andanar Was Threatened By Senators

Senators threatened PCOO Secretary Martin Andanar – Mocha Uson

Former Presidential Communications Operations Office Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson said that her head Secretary Martin Andanar was threatened by several politicians.

The former leader of Mocha Girls created a loud bang when she recently announced her resignation.

On her recent guesting in UNTV’s Get It Straight With Daniel Razon, she discussed not only the things about her resignation.

Mocha Uson
(screen shot from Get It Straight With Daniel Razon FB video)

She also revealed a few things about PCOO and matters behind her decision.

According to Uson, Andanar told her that several Senators and Representatives are hindering the budget of PCOO. This is for the reason that she attacks them on her blogs.

She was asked if that was one of the factors that pushed her to resign. The former PCOO Asec. said that it was contributory.

Mocha Uson also said it was her way to show respect to the head of the agency where she served for more than one year.

“Nirerespeto ko naman siya. Kasi talagang tinatawagan siya ng mga Senador na ‘patanggal mo ang video na yan kung hindi gagawin namin lahat para hindi ilabas ang budget niyo’,“she said.

Martin Andanar
(Photo source: The Philippine Star)

After that, she was told not to attack politicians on her blog.

The former Asec. stressed out that she needed to submit to authority and follow the order from her head.

On the other, when asked about the identity of the Senator or Congressman who said that threat to Andanar, Uson refused to divulge.

She said that she will just reveal it on her blog. However, she then said that she will reveal it later in the show.

When the informative talk show was about to end, Daniel Razon asked Mocha Uson once again about it.

The former PCOO Asec. said that she will just say a clue about the persons who threatened her former boss.

She said that one of them is a female Senator who had memes last SONA because of her dress.

Watch the video.

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