Manny Pacquiao Reacts To The Controversial Statement Of Pres. Duterte About “God”

This is the reaction of Manny Pacquiao to the controversial statement of Pres. Duterte about “God”

Senator Manny Pacquiao, who is also known to be a man who is inclined in his religious side, reacted to the controversial statement of President Rodrigo Duterte regarding the “God” of the Catholic faith.

The said statement of the Chief Executive of the Philippines sparked arguments within the religious community.

People from different walks of life expressed their thoughts about what the President said.

President Rodrigo Duterte
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Based on the article published in ABS-CBN, the boxing champ was asked to about the recent most-talked about speech of Duterte which attacked the Catholic church.

Manny, who practices the faith of born-again Christians, said that he could not comment directly to the issue because he does not have the full knowledge about it.

“Hindi ako masyadong na-update sa mga balita sa social media. Narinig ko lang na may statement siya pero hindi ko pa nababasa,” the lawmaker stated.

He added that different faith and beliefs should be respected.

“I heard sa mga pastor na makipag-audience sa kaniya. Dito sa atin, iba-iba ang paniniwala natin. Nirerespeto natin ang bawat isa, ang bawat paniniwala. At kung anuman ‘yung malalim na dahilan ay hindi natin alam, kaya hindi tayo puwede magbigay ng comment.” Manny Pacquiao stressed out.

Manny Pacquiao
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Meanwhile, the boxing champ is preparing for his match against Argentinian boxer Lucas Matthysse.

They are set to fight in Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia this coming July 15.

He said that he is preparing very well for this fight because he does not want to take it lightly.

He added that he is not underestimating his opponent and he is expecting that most likely the fight will not reach until round 12.

There were speculations that this fight between him and Matthysse will not push through but the Pinoy boxing champ assured his fans that it will going to happen next month.

Based on the article, Manny Pacquiao is set to go to Malaysia on July 9 for his fight with Lucas Matthysse.

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  1. Let God decide for himself–he is the offended party. . .But where’s the EXPLANATION from his mentors about the controversial narrative of the Bible that OUR President grossly misunderstood and questioned? And where’s the EXPLANATION from Villanueva?


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