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President Duterte Wants KO Win For Manny Pacquiao

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Knockout Win Is What President Duterte Wants For Manny Pacquiao

President Duterte wants a knockout win for Manny Pacquiao against his opponent WBO Champion Jessie Vargas on November 05, 2016.

On the upcoming fight of Manny against Vargas, the president is praying that Senator Manny Pacquiao would win. Duterte wants Manny to win the fight via knockout before 7th or 8th round. The president wants the fight between the two boxing superstars to end during the early rounds.

“Dapat knockout, at sana mas madalian. Kasi if it goes beyond the 7th, 8th [round] pagod na ‘yan,” said by Duterte even though he admits that he’s not a boxing expert, quoted by GMA.


Duterte explained that he believes on Manny since the beginning of his boxing career. He also knew that Manny had that miracle punch, a really strong one, a gift given by God to him. The president also said if only Manny could badly hit Vargas it would be a sure knockdown.

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