President Duterte Admits Using “Presidential Powers” Against ABS-CBN

President Duterte Admits Using “Presidential Powers” to Shut Down ABS-CBN RODRIGO DUTERTE – The outgoing president admitted that he used his “presidential powers” to shut down the ABS-CBN network. Duterte emphasized that he prevented the largest network in the nation from receiving a new franchise in 2020 by using his executive authority in Congress. Duterte … Read more

6 E-Sabong Sites Continue Operation Despite orders of President Duterte

6 E-Sabong Sites Allegedly Still Continue Operation to Be Takedown The Philippine National Police (PNP) will take down the six (6) e-sabong sites that still continue operation despite the orders of President Rodrigo Duterte. According to a recent PNP statement, six active e-sabong sites have been discovered recently. Despite the fact that President Rodrigo Duterte … Read more

President Duterte Poses With IATF Members During Meeting

President Duterte

President Duterte Posed With IATF Members During Meeting President Rodrigo Duterte struck a pose together with the members of the cabinet during the IATF meeting on Monday. This, as President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday met with the members of the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF MEID) in order to … Read more

Duterte Dismiss 2 Immigration Executives From Post Over Bribery Scandal

Bribery Scandal

2 Immigration Deputies Fired By Duterte Over Bribery Scandal President Rodrigo Duterte has fired the 2 Bureau of Immigration (BI) deputy commissioners over their involvement in a bribery scandal. On Saturday (December 17, 2016), the president stands firm on his advocacy against corruption by relieving the 2 deputy commission of BI from their post over … Read more

New York Times Report On Duterte’s Drug War Readable On Filipino

New York Times

Photojournalist Of New York Times Publish Report On Duterte’s War On Drugs Readable In Filipino President Duterte’s war on drugs was featured in a report published by New York Times can be read in Filipino and 2 other languages. Daniel Berehulak, a photojournalist in New York Times published a report the war on drugs amid … Read more

CHEd Chief Reminded By Malacañang To Render Courtesy Resignation

Courtesy Resignation

CHEd Chief Licuanan Ordered By Palace To Submit Courtesy Resignation Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) chairperson Patricia Licuanan was reminded by Malacañang to submit her courtesy resignation. On Tuesday (December 06, 2016), Malacañang Palace reminded all the appointees of former President Benigno Aquino III to submit their courtesy resignation including Patricia Licuanan, CHEd chairperson. “On … Read more

Fidel Ramos Doubts Duterte Will Declare Martial Law

Martial Law

Fidel Ramos Doubts Duterte Will Declare Martial Law, Despite Problem In The Country Despite the different speculation on the current problems in the country, Fidel V. Ramos doubt if President Duterte will declare martial law. The country is currently experiencing different issues such as the war in Mindanao, protests, and rallies against the burial of … Read more

President Duterte Doesn’t Want War In Mindanao, Despite Terror Attacks


Despite Terror Attacks, President Duterte Doesn’t Want To Wage War In Mindanao Despite the attacks on government forces, President Rodrigo Duterte still doesn’t want to wage war against his fellow Filipinos in Mindanao. On Wednesday (November 30, 2016), the president visits Lanao Del Sur and said that he doesn’t want to wage war against his … Read more