Rosmar Tan and Rendon Labrador Declared Persona Non Grata in Palawan

On June 18, the Provincial Council of Palawan approved a resolution declaring social media personalities Rosmar Tan and Rendor Labrador personae non gratae. This decision follows a heated argument involving a staff member of Coron Mayor Marjo Reyes.

The Palawan Times shared a video capturing Palawan 1st District Board Members Juan Antonio Alvarez and Winston Arzaga advocating for the resolution. They urged Palawan Vice Governor Leoncio Ola to approve the resolution, citing the two personalities’ “disorderly behavior” and “conduct inimical to the morals of the community.”

Being declared persona non grata signifies that an individual is no longer welcome in a particular location. However, this designation does not legally prevent Tan and Labrador from visiting Palawan, nor does it subject them to arrest.

The controversy began when Jho Cayabyab Trinidad, a staff member in Mayor Reyes’s office, accused Tan and Labrador of exploiting Coron residents through their vlogging activities. Trinidad’s Facebook post alleged that the pair, part of a group called Team Malakas, misrepresented their intentions, which were purportedly to distribute groceries and promote tourism.

Tan and Labrador, intending to confront Trinidad about her accusations, visited Mayor Reyes’s office. However, Mayor Reyes was not present at the time. The confrontation, captured in viral videos, shows Labrador shouting and pointing at Trinidad. The incident sparked significant backlash online.

Following the incident, Trinidad publicly apologized to Tan and Labrador. However, the tension escalated when John Patrick Reyes, a member of Coron’s municipal council, shared a draft resolution on Facebook seeking to declare Tan and Labrador personae non gratae. The resolution cited their “disrespectful behavior,” negative publicity, incitement to conflict, and violations of several Philippine laws, including the Property and Damage Penalty Adjustment Act (Republic Act No. 10951), the Revised Penal Code (Article 153), and the Safe Spaces Act (Republic Act No. 11313, also known as the “Bawal Bastos Law”).

The approved resolution describes Labrador’s actions as “disrespectful, inappropriate, and a blatant disregard for proper decorum,” while Tan’s behavior was deemed to have caused “undue distress and embarrassment” to Trinidad, reflecting negatively on her office.

In response, Tan and Labrador, along with Team Malakas, issued a public apology. Tan expressed regret for her emotional outburst, including a post stating “Never again.” Labrador emphasized that their visit to the mayor’s office was driven by personal hurt over Trinidad’s accusations, not their public personas.

Despite the resolution, Tan and Labrador acknowledged the council’s decision, with Tan expressing humility and Labrador taking responsibility for his actions. Labrador, known for his controversial social media presence, continues to draw attention with his provocative comments and motivational speaking.

This incident underscores the growing impact of social media interactions on public perceptions and the importance of maintaining respectful conduct both online and offline.

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  1. Well deserved. Never again! for vloggers who are arrogant and disrespectful and who think that they are God’s gift to humanity! They use their money as a means to earn more money from vulnerable people whom they look down upon.


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