Senator Gatchalian Reveals Alice Guo’s True Identity as Guo Hua Ping

In a startling revelation, Senator Sherwin Gatchalian has released documents that cast doubt on the true identity of Alice Guo, suggesting she might be Guo Hua Ping. According to the senator, Guo Hua Ping entered the Philippines on January 12, 2003, at the age of 13, with her actual birth date being August 31, 1990.

Guo Vs Gachalian

Senator Gatchalian’s allegations are supported by documents from the Board of Investments (BOI) and the Bureau of Immigration (BI). These documents were part of the Guo family’s application for a Special Investors Resident Visa (SIRV). One crucial detail highlighted in the documents is that Guo Hua Ping’s registered mother under the SIRV is Lin Wenyi.

“The evidence suggests that Alice Guo might be living under an assumed identity,” Gatchalian said. “This is not just a matter of mistaken identity but a potential case of deliberate deception. The implications of this could be far-reaching, affecting not only her status but also any business dealings and legal matters she’s involved in.”

The senator’s disclosure raises questions about the integrity of the immigration and residency processes in the Philippines. The SIRV program is designed to attract foreign investors by granting them and their families long-term residency in exchange for substantial economic contributions. Any irregularities in this program could undermine its credibility and deter future investors.

Gatchalian called for a thorough investigation into the matter. “We need to get to the bottom of this. If there are lapses or fraudulent activities within our immigration system, they must be addressed immediately. Ensuring the legitimacy of identities and backgrounds of those who enter and invest in our country is paramount.”

The documents reveal that Lin Wenyi, listed as Guo Hua Ping’s mother, played a pivotal role in the family’s application for the SIRV. The relationship and background of Lin Wenyi will likely be a focal point in the investigation. If Alice Guo and Guo Hua Ping are indeed the same person, questions arise about the reasons behind the assumed identity and the potential ramifications for any legal and business engagements Alice Guo is involved.

This revelation has already sparked significant public and media interest. Many are now questioning who Alice Guo is and what her true intentions are. As the investigation unfolds, the public will be watching closely, eager for answers and clarity on this complex issue.

Alice Gou at 13 Years Old

Senator Gatchalian’s call for a thorough and transparent investigation highlights the necessity of maintaining the integrity of national programs and protecting the country’s interests. The outcome of this investigation could lead to significant changes in how immigration and residency applications are processed in the future.

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