Sharon Cuneta Claims Marcos Jr is Her Friend, Sara Duterte is Her Sister

Sharon Cuneta Admitted Marcos Jr is Her Friend and Sara Duterte is Her Sister

SHARON CUNETA – The Megastar admitted that Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr was her friend and considered Sara Duterte as her sister.

In a speech delivered during a Leni-Kiko campaign rally in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, the Megastar revealed that she is connected to presidential contender Bongbong Marcos and vice-presidential candidate Davao City Mayor Sara. Sharon told the Kakampinks about her friendship with Marcos and Duterte.

Sharon Marcos Sara Friend

Bongbong, she claims, is the Marcos family member he is closest to and has known since then. Former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. was Sharon’s godfather, as you may know.

She added that she considers Bongbong to be the closest of the Marcos children. “Si BBM hindi ko iniwan. Hindi ko siya iniwan that whole time,” said Sharon.

Hindi nangangahulugang agree ako sa mga nalaman ko na unti-unti namulat ang mata ko dahil kilala ko ang pamilya personally. Hindi naman ganoong ka-close. Pero kilala ko sila… I did not leave Bongbong during all those years after People Power. He was my friend,” she added.

Sharon Marcos Sara Friend

She also recounted her bond with the Duterte family, particularly Mayor Sara, whom he described as a true ‘Sharonian.’ Sara, she claims, was nine years old when she met her, and she was already a Sharonian at the time.

I met Sara when she was nine years old. Ever since she was nine years old, she has been a Sharonian. And Sara has been like my sister… Sara is my friend. She was like my sister. I hope after the elections… I hope we can still be friends.” said the actress.

Sharon had previously expressed her displeasure with the Dutertes for failing to support her brother Chet, who was running for mayor of Pasay at the time. Sharon, on the other hand, claims that her friendship with the Marcoses and Duterte will not cause her to leave the Kakampink.

Do you want your children, your grandchildren, and your grandchildren’s children and so on and so forth – all the generations to come, to say, ‘My lola or my mother or my father or my lolo voted for the right leaders when they could?’” the actress added.

She stated that Kakampinks are young, knowledgeable, and woke, and that they are aware of fake news, what is true, and how to discover the truth. It is so simple to conduct research nowadays. She also encourages them to persuade people who have yet to see that this is the government for us.

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