Kakampinks Ride on BBM Shuttle Bus After Miting de Avance of 2 Groups

Kakampinks Gets Free Ride on BBM Shuttle Bus After Miting de Avance

KAKAMPINKS – The supporters of Leni Robredo gets a free ride on the shuttle bus of their bet’s rival Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr (BBM).

Before the May 9 election, two political parties have their final campaign rally, Miting de Avance, on May 7. Huge crowds of supporters gathered for activities held in various places in Manila.

Kakampinks BBM Bus

However, supporters are having difficulty catching a mode of transport to return home after the event. It will be remembered that individuals who attended the event in various sections of Manila found it impossible to board public transit because the candidates chartered the majority of the buses.

As a result, some Leni Robredo supporters were forced to board a complimentary shuttle service for Bongbong Marcos supporters. Some Kakampink may be seen riding the bus full of UniTeam supporters in one video.

Even though they were debating on social media about their candidates’ rivalry, pro-BBM supporters did not hesitate to allow the Kakampinks board. BBM supporters can be heard shouting to the Kakampinks, “Sakay dali!”

Robredo’s followers did not fail to express their gratitude to the pro-UniTeam fans for their kindness. A few more riders joked that they would be turned to BBM as a result of the compassion extended to them.

“Ito ang tunay na pagkakaisa kahit kakampink sila huminto yung sinasakyan naming free bus shuttle ni BBM para pasakayin sila,” said the video uploader.

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