Suspect on Jovelyn Galleno Case is One of Her Cousins

Jovelyn Galleno Case Suspect Was One of Her Cousins

JOVELYN GALLENO – The authorities identified that the suspect involved in her case was one of her cousins.

Authorities had already located the graduating criminology student, who was 22 years old. Only her remains and a few important belongings, nevertheless, were located where she was discovered.

Jovelyn Galleno Suspect

The Philippine National Police (PNP), based on the report, confirmed that the woman’s bones were discovered at Sto. Brgy. Pulang Lupa Sta. Lourdes. The missing Jovelyn Galleno’s remains were believed to be those found.

Along with the bones, the identification cards of the girl were discovered nearby. The cops apprehended a suspect in Brgy. Sta. On Saturday, Lourdes and another person revealed the location of Jovelyn’s body.

The suspect, who is reportedly a relative of the victim, was also implicated in the case, according to the article. Leobert Dasamarias, who turned himself in to the police and identified Jovelyn’s location.

Jovert Valdestamon, who was also an accomplice at the time of the crime, was named by Dasmariñas. Additionally, it was established that the two suspects were the girl’s full relatives. According to this tale, they planned the crime while they waited in Brgy on August 5 for their cousin Jovelyn to get home. Sta. Lourdes.

He followed the girl when she exited the multicab while the second suspect was already waiting in front. They dragged the girl and carried her to the region’s woodland area after making sure no one was nearby.

Dasmariñas stated that she was merely there to keep an eye on Valdestamon as he allegedly touched Jovelyn. It is claimed that he approached his friend after a short while, and it was then that he discovered the dead female.

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