Diwata Arrested for Slight Physical Injuries

Diwata, the renowned street food vendor whose food stall is always bustling with customers, found himself in legal trouble recently. On Thursday, April 18, he was arrested on charges of slight physical injuries.

Diwata has been a frequent feature in vlogs, particularly known for his Pares stall, where his eatery is always packed with patrons eager to indulge in his affordable offerings. For just a hundred pesos, customers can enjoy unlimited rice and soup, making his stall a popular destination for many.

Just recently, Diwata was featured in a vlog alongside popular vlogger and actress Alex Gonzaga, who even worked as an assistant in his stall, showcasing the camaraderie and support within the social media community.

Despite the blessings in his life, Diwata has faced his fair share of challenges. He has encountered issues with city hall, receiving closure orders for his stall, although he managed to overcome them. Additionally, some of his customers’ vehicles have been towed, and he has helped them retrieve their cars and motorcycles.

Diwata’s journey to success wasn’t easy. She started from humble beginnings, once living under a bridge and working as a construction worker before venturing into various jobs. His recent rise to fame includes an appearance in the Kapamilya TV series “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo.”

However, his recent encounter with the law has thrown a wrench into his otherwise thriving business. In a video circulating online, Diwata is seen being apprehended by the police on charges of slight physical injuries filed by an unidentified individual. His expression shows confusion and concern, indicating that he may be unaware of the specifics of the case against him.

As we await further updates on Diwata’s situation and the outcome of her arrest, his story serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by individuals striving for success, even amidst newfound fame and popularity.

Diwata was immediately able to post bail amounting to P3,000, according to Pasay PNP Spokesperson PCapt Mark Jun Anaviso. Diwata was also previously arrested in connection with a slight physical injuries case in 2018.

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