World Record: 100 Drones In Flight


WATCH: 100 Drones In Flight And Demonstrated – Guinness World Record!

Have you ever tried to fly a drone? This device might be one of the best technology in this generation. It’s not just an ordinary remote-controlled toy, it has also a camera to record and capture the best moments in your life. If you love using or controlling drones, here’s a video you should not miss watching. This video features the 100 drones in flight. You need to see how cool this is.

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This video was uploaded by the channel Guinness World Records on YouTube where you can find the most incredible world records online. In this video, you’ll about to see how these guys tried to make a world record using drones. Believe it or not, they tried to display and fly 100 drones in the sky. This was achieved by Intel Corporation. It is the record of the most unmanned aerial vehicles in Germany last November 4, 2015.

This is absolutely incredible, I’m sure many drone users are amazed. How about you? What can you say about this video? Why don’t you try making your own drone video and do a world record like this? Pretty amazing right? If you want more of these amazing world record, you can visit their YouTube channel.

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