Sunday, February 5, 2023

Chinese President Wants China-Japan Relations Back To Normal

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Chinese President Xi Jinping told Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to put aside disruptions and bring their ties back to normal.

President Xi Jinping has expressed his hopes of bringing the ties between China and Japan back to normal.

After their meeting at the G20 Summit held at Hangzhou, the Chinese president told Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan to set aside disruptions and bring the relations between the two countries on track in the soonest possible time.

Xi Jinping
PM Shinzo Abe and Pres. Xi Jinping.

Xi emphasized that China and Japan are important and close neighbors to each other. He also said that long-term, healthy and stable development of bilateral ties in conducive towards the achievement of benefits of people from both countries.

President Xi also believes that if China-Japan relations were stable, it would also lead to regional peace and stability in Asia.

Now, the Sino-Japanese ties remain to be “troubled by complications at times”. The Chinese president suggested that the two countries would put aside such disruptions and propel bilateral relations back on the track of normal development as soon as possible.


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