READ: Cayetano Open Letter To President Obama


Cayetano Open Letter To President Obama

Cayetano Open Letter – Senator Alan Peter Cayetano recently wrote an open letter to United States President Barack Obama before heading to the 49th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Leaders Summit to be held in Laos.

Cayetano, on his lengthy post on his official Facebook page, defended the agenda of President Rodrigo Duterte regarding the country’s actions in its ‘war on drugs’. Also, he tackled the balance its friendship with the US and China.

Another thing that Cayetano discussed is the maintaining of an “independent foreign policy” and an “own national identity”. Cayetano pointed out that the Philippines will always be an ally to the US and a friend to China.

Cayetano Open Letter

“We Filipinos will always be your brothers and sisters. Your allies and friends. But we also deserve our own national identity and a chance for an independent foreign policy,” Cayetano said.

The Senator also expressed how Filipinos looked up the US President on how he faced criticism and other problems, as well as the high expectations on President’s shoulders.

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