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Agot Isidro to Politicians Who Likes to Party: “Sarap Kutusan”

Agot Isidro Slams to Politicians Who Like to Party Amid Pandemic Veteran actress Agot Isidro airs dismay to politicians who allegedly like to party while...

Agot Isidro to Ella Cruz: “Puede tayong sumagot ng “No comment”

Agot Isidro Reacts to Ella Cruz Statement Referring History to a "Tsismis" Veteran actress Agot Isidro expresses her reactions to young actress Ella Cruz about...

Agot Isidro Expresses Dismay On Election 2019 Result

Here is the thought of Agot Isidro regarding the recently-concluded Election 2019 Singer-actress Agot Isidro expressed her dismay on the Election 2019 result through her...

Agot Isidro “Nakisawsaw” To Regine V.-Teddy Locsin-Ben Tulfo Issue?

Agot Isidro expressed her thought about the issue involving Regine Velasquez, Teddy Locsin, and Ben Tulfo Did singer-actress Agot Isidro "nakisawsaw" to the issue involving...

Celebrities Who Are Expected To Run In 2019 Elections

Here are some of the celebrities in the Philippine showbiz industry who will probably run in the coming 2019 elections. The world of politics and...

Sandino Martin Reveals Side On Scene With Agot Isidro

Sandino Martin Paired To Agot Isidro in 'Changing Partners' SANDINO MARTIN - Theater and film actor Sandino Martin revealed his side on doing a scene with...

Agot Isidro Stands Up Against Online Bullies

Actress Agot Isidro post about 'Bullying.' Actress Agot Isidro has become the center of the headlines after criticizing President Duterte for daring the United Nations,...

Agot Isidro’s Post Against Duterte Defend By Robin Padilla

Robin Padilla Defend Agot Isidro's Post Against Duterte Agot Isidro’s post against President Rodrigo Duterte defend by Robin Padilla saying it’s her freedom to give her...

Agot Isidro Finds Allies in Congress on Remarks vs. Duterte

Members of the Philippine Congress hail Agot Isidro courage in calling out President Rodrigo Duterte on foreign policy. This is following the incident where Agot's...