Joseph Morong Shares Heartbreaking Story of a Lolo and a Boy

Joseph Morong was Touched by the Story of a Lolo Feeding a Boy GMA journalist Joseph Morong shared a heartbreaking story a lolo (elderly man) feeding a little boy in the street. Joseph Morong used Facebook to describe a situation that he saw firsthand in an unnamed location, rather than breaking news. A picture of … Read more

Police Arrested a Cow after Killing a 12-yeard-old Boy in South Sudan

Cow Arrested By Police After Allegedly Killing a Boy in South Sudan Authorities arrested a cow after allegedly killing a 12-year-old boy who was reportedly walking in South Sudan, Africa. The cow was reportedly strolling through a field when it abruptly attacked the child, according to the report. Unfortunately, the boy perished. The youngster was … Read more

Boy Abunda Expressed Support To Presidential Candidate Mar Roxas

Boy Abunda Showed His Full Support To Presidential Candidate Mar Roxas Boy Abunda is calling for a sincere prayer of all Filipinos for the upcoming election day. He is suggesting for the voters that before heading to the voting center, it’s better if everyone should first ask God for the guidance. He is also reminding … Read more

This Boy Was Abandoned By His Family Thinking That He Was A Witch

Supposedly, kids should be protected, nourished and taken cared by their parents but this 2-year-old Nigerian boy was so very unfortunate to have a family who abandons him somewhere in the streets wandering alone, naked, starving almost eight months because they thought their son was a witch. His name is Hope, he was found and … Read more