Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Vanessa Raval Issue Scripted

VANESSA RAVAL - The daughter famous action star Jeric Raval admitted that the issue of cheater rapper issue is scripted. The sister of young actress...

Vanessa Raval Admits “Cheater Rapper” Issue is Scripted

Vanessa Raval Admits “Cheater Rapper” Issue is Scripted, Just a Prank VANESSA RAVAL - The sister of AJ Raval revealed that all the "cheater rapper"...

Skusta Clee Calls Out Vanessa Raval Over “Cheater Rapper” Blind Item

Skusta Clee Reacts to Vanessa Raval "Cheater Rapper" Blind Item Filipino rapper Skusta Clee calls out the attention of Vanessa Raval due to controversial "cheater...