Vanessa Raval Issue Scripted

VANESSA RAVAL – The daughter famous action star Jeric Raval admitted that the issue of cheater rapper issue is scripted.

The sister of young actress Aj Raval elicited reactions from the online community after she revealed that her issue with a rapper was fabricated. Vanessa admitted in her Facebook post the it was all scripted and planned.

Vanessa Raval Admits “Cheater Rapper” Issue is Scripted

Vanessa Raval Admits “Cheater Rapper” Issue is Scripted, Just a Prank

VANESSA RAVAL – The sister of AJ Raval revealed that all the “cheater rapper” issue on her social media account are scripted.

After sharing a conversation with a supposed rapper who wants to go out with her, the daughter of seasoned action star Jeric Raval has become controversial on social media. Vanessa declined the claimed man’s invitation in the images that were released for private reasons.

Vanessa Raval Scripted

She even stated that the man is a cheater because he keeps conversing and wants to spend out with her despite having a wife, a child, and a first name that begins with “D,”. Internet users’ suspicions that the aforementioned rapper was actually Skusta Clee or Darryl Ruiz sparked the controversy.

Skusta is the closest suspect person to be referred from the specification of Vanessa. The rapper has refuted the allegations, and he challenges Vanessa to expose the man’s real name.

Later, Vanessa revealed the rapper she had referenced as flirting with her in a video she released. The person she is having a problem with is identified in the video as Haring Manggi Miguelito Malakas, whose real name is Daniel Miguel Naguit.

However, Vanessa updated her account and claimed that the problem was entirely made up. She claims that everything about the problem is planned and scripted. She also expressed regret for bringing others’ names up in the matter.

“Scripted lahat! Pinlano gumawa ng kwento. Sumugal lang sa mga taong mahal ko sa buhay. Pero bandang huli talo. PATAWAD SA LAHAT,” she wrote.

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