Skusta Clee Calls Out Vanessa Raval Over “Cheater Rapper” Blind Item

Skusta Clee Reacts to Vanessa Raval “Cheater Rapper” Blind Item

Filipino rapper Skusta Clee calls out the attention of Vanessa Raval due to controversial “cheater rapper” blind item on her account.

As soon as Skusta Clee, or “Daryl Ruiz” in real life, heard that her name was being linked to a “blind item,” Vanessa Raval, the gorgeous actress AJ Raval’s sister, was alerted. A rapper is said to have thrown insults at her on the chat in her blind item.

Skusta Clee Vanessa Raval

It is clear from their talk that the guy is attempting to get her to go on an overnight excursion. Vanessa Raval, however, declined his offer, stating that she already had a boyfriend in place.

Netizens have speculated that the rapper he is describing is Skusta Clee despite the fact that no one has identified or named him. It was included after Vanessa revealed a passage from a rapper’s song’s lyrics in her Story. Additionally, Vanessa refuted in a Facebook post that she was referring to Skusta.

“Ms. Vanessa Raval,” according to the rapper’s latest FB post. ““I have seen your posts circulating online and netizens have been linking them to me. To be fair to everyone– meaning you, me, and ang mga marites ng social media na nakaabang, paki reveal nga kung sinong ka chat mo dyan? I’ll be waiting.

According to the screen shot of Vanessa’s chat, which is circulating online, the account she blocked because she was uncomfortable with the way they were speaking now begins with the letter “D.” In a recent Facebook post, Vanessa made it clear that she was not referring to Skusta.

“Pre, Hindi nga Ikaw yon. Hindi ako pwede mag name drop Alam nyo naman sa pilipinas Kapag nag name drop ka sa social media khit Ikaw tama,?Ikaw parin kaksuhan. Sino paba?” Vanessa wrote.

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