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Most Two Finger Pull Ups In One Minute

Finger Pull Ups

WATCH how Jamshid Turaev Achieved His New Record – Most Two Finger Pull Ups In One Minute!

Do you love doing exercise at home? What do you think is the most and best effective exercise you love doing at home or at the gym? Many people like shaping up their body by doing extreme training. We feel so much healthy if we do this every week or even everyday for some. Are you one of them? If you are, here’s a video of a guy who did the most two finger pull ups in one minute. What a great world record!

This video was uploaded by the channel Guinness World Records on YouTube where you can find the best, latest and insane world record videos. In this episode, they featured the guy named Jamshid Turaev. He is a fitness enthusiast from Uzbeksistan. Believe it or not, he just broke his second Guinness World Records title after achieving the Most Two Finger Pull ups in 1 minute. This event was held at a fitness club in Limassol, Cyprus. He is 37 years old, law graduate.

In his new record, he completed 19 full reps from a bar using his two middle finger. Sounds incredible right? Check this out!

According to Guinness, Six pull ups were disqualified from the final count because they breached the guidelines. He have been practicing this for 5 years and that’s insane! What do you think? He also set the record of 23 for the most rear pull ups in one minute last May 2015.

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