Herlene Budol Opinion on ‘History is like tsimis’

The Binibining Pilipinas 2022 1st runner up Herlene Nicole Budol shares her opinion on the ‘history is like tsismis’ statement of Ella Cruz. The former Wowowin host share her thoughts about the controversial statement of Maid In Malacañang star saying history is like gossip. Budol said she disagrees with Ella’s point about the history.

Herlene Budol Reacts to Viral “History is like tsismis” by Ella Cruz

Herlene Budol Expresses Reactions to Ella Cruz “History is like tsismis” The Binibining Pilipilas 1st runner up Herlene Nicole Budol expressed her reactions to the “history is like tsismis” statement of Ella Cruz. The former Wowowin host and Binibining Pilipinas 2022 hakot award candidate was featured on a recent vlog by ABS-CBN broadcaster Karen Davila. … Read more

Ella Cruz Becomes Emotional During Interview with Boy Abunda

Ella Cruz Turn Emotional Sharing Thoughts In an Interview with Boy Abunda Maid in Malacañang star Ella Cruz becomes emotional while sharing her thoughts during the interview with the “King of Talk” Boy Abunda. The young actress is visibly upset in the video teaser for Boy Abunda’s interview with her. In the teaser, it was … Read more

Cristy Fermin Defends Ella Cruz Over “Tsismis History” Statement

Cristy Fermin Defended Ella Cruz Over Controversial “Tsismis History” Statement Veteran showbiz columnist Cristy Fermin defended “Maid in Malacañang” star Ella Cruz over controversial “tsismis history” statement. Fermin has defended the actress who has come under fire for comparing history to “tsismis,” or gossip, and is now under heavy criticism. In an interview, Ella was … Read more

Agot Isidro to Ella Cruz: “Puede tayong sumagot ng “No comment”

Agot Isidro Reacts to Ella Cruz Statement Referring History to a “Tsismis” Veteran actress Agot Isidro expresses her reactions to young actress Ella Cruz about her statement referring the history to “tsismis” or gossip. Ella Cruz recently received criticism from the online community after her statement regarding the past did not seem to be well … Read more

EARTHQUAKE PHOTOS: 6 Heartbreaking Photos of Earthquakes

These earthquake photos are really devastating Here are the 6 earthquake photos taken from different parts of the globe that showed how the catastrophe destroyed many properties. They say the earthquake is one of the top-feared disasters because this cannot be predicted, unlike the typhoon. Throughout history, mankind already witnessed several heartbreaking scenarios after an … Read more

Toby: Leonardo da Vinci’s Artist Fan


Toby, a nine-year old art student, dresses up like da Vinci, his inpiration. Toby was more than ready to for a school project where he poses proudly with his art materials arranged on the table – with his eye-catching beard and outfit, of course. At #MetKids, anyone who enjoys art and doing it are welcome … Read more

Elizabeth II At 90: A Family Tribute

Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II Recently Celebrated Her 90 Beautiful Years, So Here Is A Quick Review Of Her Life Elizabeth II just celebrated her 90th birthday and here is a wonderful video of her and her family, a tribute to the longest-reigning queen in British history. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=De2ddCbb4ws?%20enablejsapi=1&rel=0] The longest reigning queen in history marks her 90th … Read more

Christian Converts Rising In Austria

Christian converts

Christian Converts Rising Mostly In Austria, Reports Say Christian Converts are increasing nowadays, especially in the country of Austria. Muslims have the higher number of those who convert to Christianity this 2016, according to reports. According to Austrian website Kurier, 83 adults were to be baptized in Vienna this year. Friederieke Dostal of the Austrian … Read more

Clark Air Base Historical Events

Clark Air Base Historical Events

Clark Air Base Historical Events Clark Air Base, Pampanga has been a historical place in the province and it attracts more and more tourist nowadays. Rich in history and unforgettable events, this is the story behind this so called “Air Force City”: 1898. Spain ceded the Philippines to the US in the Treaty of Paris for $20 … Read more