Ella Cruz Becomes Emotional During Interview with Boy Abunda

Ella Cruz Turn Emotional Sharing Thoughts In an Interview with Boy Abunda

Maid in Malacañang star Ella Cruz becomes emotional while sharing her thoughts during the interview with the “King of Talk” Boy Abunda.

The young actress is visibly upset in the video teaser for Boy Abunda’s interview with her. In the teaser, it was also suggested that Ella was physically assaulted as a result of the bullying she endured in high school.

Ella Cruz Emotional Interview

The teaser shows that Ella wept throughout her presentation of her attitude and response to the questions posed to her. You may recall that Ella recently became calmer by purportedly feeling sorry for her family in the face of the criticism she was experiencing.

It’s okay for her to criticize her, she remarked, but don’t let the critics’ harsh comments affect her family. Ella recently stirred up controversy by referring history to “tsismis,” or gossip.

A number of personalities responded to her controversial statement. Pokwang is one of them. In response to Ella Cruz’s comparison of History to Gossip, Pokwang released a statement.

She stated that she respected Ella’s choice in light of her political stance and the causes she backed. However, she clarified that she would not concur with what she claimed about history, claiming that it was wrong.

She even joked that she wanted to return ‘Aryana’ to the sea, previously played by Ella, where Pokwang played the role of her mother.

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