Alice Dixson Criticized for Hiding the Face of Her Boyfriend

Alice Dixson Elicited Reactions Online for Hiding Face of Boyfriend

Veteran actress Alice Dixson elicited reactions from the netizens, especially from the Marites for hiding the face of her boyfriend.

Award-winning actress Alice Dixson experienced backlash from online users after publishing a photo with her partner’s face covered in a hat on her Instagram post on November 8. Alice’s and Jowa’s faces appear to be facing each other in the three images that are attached.

“Aha! Do you like this? I have one without the hat 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨. But no one wants to see that lol,” she said in the caption.

Alice Dixson Boyfriend Face

The “frigid” internet users claimed that Alice’s actions were disappointing since they were curious to see them but they were not displayed. They claimed that the actress would have ceased releasing their images if they had done the same.

Some even said that only minors should commit such crimes. Some online users have backed the actress, saying that her message was intriguing. Some online users claim that Alice has the freedom to do anything she wants on her own account.

“Ohh please no need to pose if you don’t want to show your partner OA hmmmp,” the first netizen said.

“Bagay lang siguro sa teeners ang suspense, lapit na sa senior citizenship di na bagay,” the second netizen said.

“Ang arte kung kelan tumanda, pa-suspense pa,” the third netizen.

Alice expressed her desire for her detractors to meditate in another IG post as a response to the critics and haters. Photos of him holding what looks to be a starfish are included.

“My wish is mag-meditate ang mga haters para mabawasan ang mega negativity sa www (whole wide world),” she said.

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