10 Most Famous Soups Around Southeast Asia

10 most famous soups

Here are the 10 Best Rated Southeast Asian Soups 10 most famous soups in Southeast Asia commonly consist of veggies, rice, and broth, with a small amount of protein to give taste and satiation. 10. KHAO SOI- Northern Thailand Khao soi, a hallmark cuisine of Northern Thailand, is a delectable coconut soup that combines a … Read more

Valentine’s Day Is Banned In These Countries Due To Morality Issues

There are countries in other parts of the globe which are not celebrating February 14 as Valentine’s Day because of morality issues. The world has been accustomed in celebrating Valentine’s Day every February 14, however, not all the countries in the globe follows this custom. In countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, India … Read more

Duterte To Meet With Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak

President Rodrigo Duterte will have bilateral talks with the Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia this week. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will fly to Malaysia to hold bilateral meeting with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak within the week. This was confirmed by Department of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Charles Jose on Monday. According to Jose, the … Read more

China, Malaysia Sign Defense Deal To Strengthen Ties

Defense Deal

Defense Deal Signed By China And Malaysia To Strengthen Ties China and Malaysia had signed a defense deal and agreed to strengthen the ties and intensify cooperation in the South China Sea. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak fly to China for a one-week official trip to close several agreements that will strengthen the relations between … Read more

Viral: Fake Milo Production Captured On Video

Health Alert: Fake Milo Production Video Goes Viral

With much concern about health, most especially in the food we eat and drink every day. There have been several reports of fake Milo products being distributed and everyone is being alarmed to be careful in everything you buy in the market.

A video from Facebook page Pinoy Viral Videos goes viral after they have posted scene in which 2 employees are seen filling a fake Milo powder into several Milo packages. Many of our countrymen here in the Philippines panic because of this syndicate packing of fake Milo.


However, Facebook page Nestlé Philippines commented, “To our kababayans who are concerned about this video, the MILO packs shown is not from the Philippines. The video shows the operation of a counterfeiter which was raided by the police in another country. The operation of the said counterfeiter has since been stopped,” which clarifies everything.

According to some report, this illegal activity happened in Mantin, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, somewhere March 2015.

In a report by The Rakyat Post, this viral video came after the illegal activity was uncovered by the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry (KPDNKK) last week of February 2015.

The Authority recovered 225 fake packages of the product which are ready to be sold, along with several barrels containing the chocolate drink powder.

On the same time, Nestle Malaysia issued a statement warning the public to be careful when buying the product after it found out that there was an illegal processing of the fake Milo powder.

“We are looking into this matter seriously as imitation of products without permission is illegal and could bring harm to the public.

“We will co-operate with the authority especially KPDNKK to solve this problem,” said the statement.

Nestle shared an image uploaded by Milo Malaysia to help its customers differentiate between the original and fake product.

Fake Milo Screen Grab

“The original Milo packaging is machine packed and cut.

“As such the edges on the top of the original pack will not have a perfect perforation,” it said.

Human-Faced Goat From Malaysia Baffles Netizens – Unbelievable

human-faced goat

Human-Faced Goat Found In Malaysia Puzzles Netizens In Malaysia, photos of a human-faced goat have been spreading the social media that really puzzled many people. Looking at the picture of its carcass, one can really see how it resembles a human. According to reports, the bizarre thing happened in the state of Johor south of … Read more

Rayani Air Suspend Operations

Rayani air

Rayani Air Stopped Operating Rayani Air, one of Malaysia’s leading airlines was suspended due to faulty air frames and unpaid salaries. One source said “the pilots had raised concerns with the windows and hydraulic systems since late January. They were concerned some of these issues could potentially lead to accidents.” Aside from that, there were … Read more