10 Most Famous Soups Around Southeast Asia

10 most famous soups

Here are the 10 Best Rated Southeast Asian Soups 10 most famous soups in Southeast Asia commonly consist of veggies, rice, and broth, with a small amount of protein to give taste and satiation. 10. KHAO SOI- Northern Thailand Khao soi, a hallmark cuisine of Northern Thailand, is a delectable coconut soup that combines a … Read more

Filipino in Singapore Tests Positive for Monkeypox


Filipino Infected by Monkeypox in Singapore Filipino has been tested and confirmed positive for Monkeypox virus in Singapore, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said. The patient claimed that there was no contact with anyone recorded with the monkeypox virus in Singapore. Experts and health care authorities are investigating how and where he got this … Read more

Fingerprint-Protected Closet Full Of Luxury Items, Socialite Owner Opened It For A Tour

Singapore-based socialite Jamie Chua showed off her fingerprint-protected closet filled with luxury items  It is just normal for rich people to have a big closet wherein they could keep their expensive clothes, shoes, bags and other valuable. However, the one that a socialite who is based in Singapore has is bigger than an average-sized apartment. … Read more

Lee Kwan Yew Once Rejected $3.3 million Bribe And Embarrassed US

Lee Kwan Yew Once Rejected $3.3 million Bribe And Embarrassed US Lee Kwan Yew once rejected a $3.3 million bribe in 1961, which is equivalent to $25 million today and embarrassed United States (US). Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) offered the late founding Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kwan Yew, a $3.3 million bribe at 1961 … Read more

Due to Tight Labor Market, Singapore Employs Robots for Services

Robots have helped several establishments in Singapore survive tight labor market. Establishments and center offering services to the people found a big help from robots after the government imposed restrictions on hiring foreign workers. In Singapore, restrictions on foreign workers have left many companies struggling to look for staff, pushing them to find means so … Read more

Singapore Sprays Houses As 41 Cases of Zika is Recorded

Residences was cleared on mosquitoes as Zika expected to spread in Singapore Forty one cases of Zika virus is already confirmed in the whole city-state of Singapore, forcing officials to make precautionary measure to prevent the virus from spreading. On Saturday, the Health Ministry of Singapore confirmed the 41 cases of Zika virus was locally-transmitted. … Read more

Lesson From Singapore’s ‘War On Drugs’, Shanmugam (Video)


Lesson From Singapore’s ‘War on Drugs by Minister Shanmugam

Singapore’s Minister for Home Affairs and Law K. Shanmugam, on Wednesday, April 20, delivered a speech at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in New York, about the country’s approach to drugs.

In a report by Straits Times, Shanmugam pointed out that his country will continue its approach against drugs until an evidence can be showed that a “different model works better”.

As what he claims, Shanmugam said that Singapore has created a “safe and secure environment.


“We are not very impressed with rhetoric alone. Good speeches are one thing. Enjoying safety and security, to the level I have identified – letting your 10-year-old child take public transport alone – that is different,” Shanmugam said.

With confidence, he called on to “anyone” to come and compare Singapore’s experiences to any other city. Also, he said that if there is a better way to eliminate drugs that would deliver a better outcome for citizens, Shanmugam said, that they will consider changing.

“If that cannot be done, then don’t ask us to change,” he added.

According to the Minister, they have achieved victory over drugs in Singapore because, according to him, they “fought a successful battle against drugs.”

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