Teacher on TikTok Drew Flak for Filming Beautiful Morena Student

Netizens Call Out Teacher for Posting Beautiful Morena Student on TikTok

Raging netizens called out a Tiktoker teacher for allegedly filming and posting his beautiful morena student on TikTok.

Nowadays, many people are becoming content creators on various social media sites. Among them are teachers. The number of school teachers who are turning into social media influencers is growing.

Aside from fame, teachers who recorded short videos during work hours earned extra money. Aside from generating money through monetization, some simply give positive and good vibes through their videos.

Some even show the beauty of people by shooting them and uploading them on the content creator’s channel. However, some teachers have already irritated netizens by being labeled ‘unprofessional’ for supposedly preferring video posting over their duty as educators.

TikTok Teacher Morena Student

Meanwhile, a public school teacher faced backlash on social media after praising his student’s beauty in a video. Reymar Caburnay, a TikTok teacher with 10.9k followers, was known for posting dance videos and moments with his students.

Caburnay recorded one of his students and mentioned her ‘beauty’ in the said TikTok video. The video gained millions of views on social media, and netizens urged the Department of Education (DepEd) to suspend Caburnay’s license for being unprofessional.

“when she’s left handed and morena tapos tinawag sya ng magulang ikaw namn tinawag ng pulis.🤭 so sweet,” a netizen said.

“Shes left handed and pretty tas may kumatok na DEPED,” another netizen said.

“why is this video still up and why deped is not yet investigating this?? hello deped????” netizen said.

Caburnay, on the other hand, claimed that he is not attracted to his student since he is gay. “Akala niyo lang yan po. Wala naman kaming malisya dahil BAKLA po ako,” Reymar said.

@reymar_caburnay *She is left-handed and pretty🦋 #viral #fyp #morena ♬ original sound – Mark – Maki

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