3 Signs That You’re Buying A Pre-Owned Tech Product

Here are the 3 signs that indicate that the tech product you’re buying is pre-owned.

Gadget buyers should learn these 3 signs that will indicate that they are buying a pre-owned tech product.

Tech products, nowadays, are widely available almost any where. There are stores nearest you offering these while there are also available online. Wherever you are buying, be sure to get the quality that you deserve as a buyer.

In order to know if you are really buying a brand new product, here are the signs that will show the identity of a pre-owned.

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#1 Crack the code

Based on the article from Reader’s Digest, gadgets have specialized codes. Before buying a laptop or a computer, be sure to check the product series code. It is the barcode assigned to each product, or the IMEI number online. For example, iPhone products, once registered, have a warranty period. David Alexander, the founder of Mazepress, said that a person already used the product when the warranty period has already begun.

#2 Reckless wrapping

There are stores, especially online, which is doing the repacking to show that the product is brand new when in fact it was refurbished. According to Alexander, buyers should check the wrapping of the product. He said, “The telltale sign is usually in the quality of the wrapping. If it doesn’t look like it was done by a professional business and has some odd corners in the seal, then you might be holding an item that has been opened and then re-wrapped.”

#3 Watch the weight

Know how light or how heavy the tech product should be. Rebecca Beach, a mom who bought her son a PS4 online, shared about the product’s condition when she received it. “The box did weigh quite a lot, more than it should have now that I think about it,” she shared. The mother also said that when she opened the wrapping, she saw used circuit boards and other scraps inside, based on the article.

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