Instagram Tips: 5 Mistakes You Do On Photo-Sharing Platform


Here are the 5 mistakes you might don’t know you do on Instagram

Instagram users might not know that they are already doing these 5 mistakes while using the photo-sharing social media platform.

IG has gain popularity over the years and has become of one of the most used platforms of social media.

According to, several IG users are committing mistakes while using the application. Here are the common mistakes that users of Instagram are doing without realizing.

Photo courtesy of The Verge

Playing the “follow”/”unfollow” game

There are some accounts that you just followed back because they followed you first. And most of these accounts unfollow you after you have followed them. Mostly, these are just accounts that have people behind them employed by a marketing company. Follow the accounts that really matter to you and looking forward to seeing their posts.

Not “priming the pump”

This term means that you need to explore IG first or other accounts, liking and commenting on their posts, before posting so that your post will reach more users. This will show that you are engaged with the platform. Instagram’s “algorithm favors people who spend time in the app”, according to the article.

Posting with short captions

You can create your brand together with your photo and caption. Some people just share photos or with short captions. However, according to the article, this is not recommended, especially when you want more accounts to be engaged in your posts.

Not using the hashtags

Hashtags are important if people are searching for a specific post or topic. Avoid using irrelevant hashtags and those which are widely popular, according to the article.

Not posting consistently

Consistency in your post is vital on Instagram because unlike other social media platforms, it is concentrating more on engagement. Posting on a regular basis with a good caption and right hashtags, your post will reach more users.

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