Facebook Gives Advice On How To Spot Fake News On COVID-19

Facebook Gave An Advice On How To Spot Fake News On COVID-19 Using Its Platform.

Facebook encouraged Filipinos to share only verified information on coronavirus disease or COVID-19 as it warned against fake news on its platform.

This, as the Philippines was under a state of public health emergency over coronavirus, thus, people were forced to stay at their homes and opt to use their gadgets to keep themselves updated through social media.


In a statement, Facebook said that a social media user has the responsibility to “reduce the spread of misinformation by ensuring we only share information that we’ve verifies to be true,” thus, it gave a “few simple steps” in order to check the validity of information about the coronavirus disease or COVID-19 on the feed:

  • Inspect the post
  • Take note of URLs
  • Investigate the site
  • Spot inconsistencies
  • Take note of experts
  • Compare with other stories

Also, social media users were advised to visit these official pages and websites in order to get legitimate and accurate information about COVID-19:

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