Apple Reveals Changes On iPhone’s Price In 2017


Apple Company Revealed iPhone’s Price Will Shake Up In 2017 Apple Company, the makers of iPhone leaks that their latest high-profile “iPhone 8” will be released in 2017 but there will be a shakeup on its price. iPhone becomes one of the most popular phones in the mobile market for the past few years. As … Read more

Japan Bans Galaxy Note 7 On Airplanes Following US Move

Japan Bans Galaxy Note 7

Japan Bans Galaxy Note 7 On Airplanes Japan Bans Galaxy Note 7 – Just like the United States, Japan bans all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones from all airplanes in the country regarding the risk of explosi0ns reported recently after its release. In a report by ABS-CBN, the transport ministry of Japan made the announcement … Read more

US Bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 From Air Transport

US Bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7

US Bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 From Air Transport US Bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone devices are going to be banned in the United States from air transport starting Saturday because of an emergency order. According to a report on ABS-CBN, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has stopped the production of … Read more

Pokémon GO Unbelievable Facts Everyone Needs To Know

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Unbelievable Facts Pokemon Go – After the release of the most popular mobile game as of today, Pokemon GO players have been playing the game realistically. This is because of the augmented reality feature of the game using the sensors and the cameras of one’s smartphone. But, even with the success of the said … Read more

Epic Gadgets To Try This 2016 (Video)

epic gadgets

Epic Gadgets To Try This 2016 Epic Gadgets 2016 – The generation today has really boomed with all these gadgets and technologies. No wonder why people have been loving these devices. Technology has really been innovated and developed more as the years went by. There are just lots of improvements happening every day in technology. … Read more

Pokémon Go Server Now Available In The Philippines, Asia

Pokémon Go Server

Pokémon Go Server Opens in PH, Asia Pokémon Go Server Opens – Good news for all the people who have been waiting for the release of the newest augmented reality 3D game Pokémon Go in the Philippines and Asia, the servers are open! The servers have been opened for the Philippines, and in other Asian … Read more

The Future Of Smartphones Is On Its Way, Watch Out


Future Of Smartphones Technology has really changed over the past years and this includes the evolution of smartphones. Smartphones are evolved kinds of cell phones which can be used in multitasking activities. Commonly, these smartphones are used in everyday lives as what they are supposed to be. Most smartphones today are either on the platform … Read more

Tutorial Video: Smartphone Fire Experiment

Fire Experiment

Smartphone Fire Experiment : Charge Your Phones using Fire!

Do you love learning some tricks and tips on your smartphone? If you are, here’s a simple trick on how to charge your smartphone using fire. What?! Is it possible? I’m sure you’ll never believe this but this is really possible. If you like doing some cool stuff with your smartphone, here’s what you need to know. Smartphone Fire Experiment is easy, all you need is to follow the steps on the video.

This video was uploaded by the channel kipkay on YouTube where you can find some of the most awesome tips and tricks in life. In this episode, you will learn how to Charge your Cellphone using fire. This may sound weird but you need to see how it is done. This video was made for emergency purposes, many viewers will definitely like this. The Materials used in this experiment are the common things found inside your house, I’m sure you’ll impress your friends once you demonstrate this trick with them. Check this out!

If you often go outdoors like camping, you shouldn’t miss this. Watch this video below! Easy and pretty effective.

WOW! Have you ever thought of doing this kind of experiment on your smartphone before? Pretty amazing right? This will surely save your day once you’re run out of battery and there is no electricity on your place. What do you think? Did you find this helpful?

Did you like this video? What can you say about this easy experiment for your Cellphone? You can leave some comments below for suggestions! You can also Share this video with your friends on Facebook if you find this video helpful. Tweet this now on Twitter! Don’t miss our updates, visit our website more often for more amazing life tricks and tips.

VIDEO:How To Improve WiFi The Cheapest Way

Improve Your WiFi Connection 3 to 4 Times Faster – EASY and EFFECTIVE Most of us have internet connection/WiFi at home. Social media is one of the cause and reasons why we want Great internet speed, it is the modern way of communicating to our love ones and socialize to other people. We really hate … Read more