[VIDEO] PH Streamer’s “Stars for a Cause” Went Viral

Edgar Dumali (also known as CHoOx TV), together with his moderators, started “Stars for a Cause” last November 2, 2019. His video went viral as he bought various goods through the use of its total collection of star donations from his “Stars for a Cause” program.


Star Donations

Minutes after his stream, he presented his total star donations. Here are his total earnings as of this writing.


After three days, here’s an update on his stream program. Watch it here!


In this video, Edgar, together with his family and team, helped in repacking goods to be distributed in North Cotabato. He also showed in his video wherein sacks of goods were already filled and ready for distribution, yet he will wait for November 8 before delivering it to their beneficiaries.

From a Netizen’s Perspective

Meanwhile, a netizen posted on a television show, Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (One at Heart, Jessica Soho), photos showing Edgar being a good samaritan. She wanted him to be featured in this show for sharing his unique program of giving back to the community.


Undeniably, Edgar’s “Stars for a Cause” program is indeed effective in generating donations through Facebook’s platform — the star donations. Edgar started it, and other streamers will do the same in the future.

As Edgar said, you don’t need to compare him to other streamers as they also giving donations even without showing it in public. He added that his intention to conduct this program was to include his supporters in helping those who are in need.

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