Viral Video: Outsider Scolds Student in Classroom

School Bullying Incident

A video capturing the moment an outsider barged into a classroom and scolded a student in front of their peers and teacher has gained viral attention. The incident, which occurred without clear provocation, depicts a woman angrily confronting a student while unaware that she was being secretly filmed by the student’s classmates. Notably, the teacher … Read more

Avatar-like Assistance of an Elevator Staff Goes Viral

Elevator Staff

In the age of social media, where creativity and innovation are celebrated, a video showcasing an elevator staff’s “Avatar”-like assistance has taken the internet by storm. Posted by Instagram user “Don,” the video features a mall staff assisting in a manner reminiscent of the popular show “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” complete with sound effects from … Read more

Policeman to Face Charges After “Coming Out” on TikTok Video – PNP

PNP to Probe Policeman for Allegedly “Coming Out” on TikTok Platform The Philippine National Police (PNP) will investigate the policeman who went viral on TikTok for allegedly “coming out” as gay. For his TikTok video in which he exposed his gender, a police officer in Lanao del Sur is being investigated and could face penalties. … Read more

Ninong’s Roulette Of Money Goes Viral


A certain video caught the attention of the netizens as the Ninong’s Roulette Of Money became a trend because of its concept. In a Facebook post from Wilmark Cui, he posted a video where he made a Roulette Of Money for his inaanak. As seen in the video, every time he turned the roulette, it … Read more

[VIDEO] PH Streamer’s “Stars for a Cause” Went Viral

stars for a cause

Edgar Dumali (also known as CHoOx TV), together with his moderators, started “Stars for a Cause” last November 2, 2019. His video went viral as he bought various goods through the use of its total collection of star donations from his “Stars for a Cause” program. Star Donations Minutes after his stream, he presented his … Read more