8 Must Try Foods that Went Viral on Tik-tok

The most Hyped 8 Must Try Food Trends that Went Viral this Year

8 must try foods that go viral on Tik-tok as they are insane and they can also be unexpectedly entertaining and tasty.

When anything achieves that kind of popularity, it is frequently duplicated hundreds of times by individuals who want to try it for themselves. They can even be clean and wholesome, as evidenced by the viral Nature’s Cereal movement.

According to Clean Eating, over the past year, an unending number of dishes have captured the eye of TikTok viewers and became enormously popular trends – we even attempted a couple.

There’s no better way to say farewell to 2022 than by recreating some of the year’s 8 must try food trends. We’ve gathered the greatest so you can produce them and see if they were as amazing as TikTok users said!

1. Spicy Vodka Pasta

Spicy vodka pasta
Photo Credits: Algrim.com

Although Gigi Hadid did not develop vodka spaghetti, she did make it a food craze by sharing her recipe on Instagram. Soon after, the hashtag #GigiHadidPasta went viral, and people began cooking this delicious meal for themselves.

Choose your favorite pasta noodle and experiment with this sauce with or without vodka. Gigi adds red pepper flakes for a spicy kick. Depending on how much your tastes can manage, add as few or as many teaspoons as you choose. With the addition of parmesan cheese, you’ve created a dinner suitable for a supermodel.

2. Salmon Rice

Salmon Rice
Photo Credits: Know your Meme

TikTok videos with the hashtag #SalmonRiceBowl have received over 61 million views – all thanks to Emily Mariko. This creator amassed millions of fans when her ASMR-styled cooking videos (which also give the impression that her life is in order) went viral.

A salmon rice bowl was the recipe that launched one of the most popular TikTok culinary trends. Part of the appeal is how easy Emily makes it look to do it yourself. Watch her visually appealing videos and try her specialty dish!.

3. Pasta Chips

Pasta chips
Photo Credits: Pedestrian TV

Forget aside the store-bought chips in your cabinet and try these spaghetti chips instead. Instead of adding sauce to your cooked pasta, put it out on a baking sheet and season it with olive oil and pepper.

You’ll bake it in the oven, tossing it halfway through. Meanwhile, you can make the cheese sauce on the burner. Salt and garlic powder enhance this creamy sauce. Dip cooked spaghetti chips into the sauce for a dream combo you’ll wish you’d discovered sooner.

4. Cloud Bread

8 Must Try Foods
Photo Credits: Awol

According to the article, cloud bread was possibly the most visually appealing TikTok food craze of the entire year. It’s also quite simple. You’ll get a light and fluffy bread that appears like a cloud from the sky with just four ingredients and around 25 minutes in the oven.

The almond slices add a pleasant crunch as well as a bread-like look. Add some food coloring to the cloud bread to make it more interesting. To add sweetness, add a splash of vanilla extract to the recipe.

5. Bell Pepper Sandwich

8 Must Try Foods
Photo Credits: The Spruce Eats

The bell pepper sandwich is one of the most popular TikTok food trends, with over 155 million views. It couldn’t be simpler to experiment with the low-carb fad. Simply cut a bell pepper in half and sprinkle some cream cheese on top.

Add some Everything Bagel seasoning and you’re good to go. When you’re hungry, the flavor fusion will most likely become your go-to snack. This snack belongs to 8 must try foods on TikTok because this snack is so simple to make, you may get creative with the toppings. Add some protein, avocado, or whatever else you’re craving at the time.

6. Corn Ribs

8 Must Try Foods
Photo Credits: Taste of Home

Instead of regular corn on the cob for dinner today, try these corn ribs! It’s a Mexican meal called Elotes, and its appearance screams “summertime.”

The grilled corn is seasoned with a creamy sauce, resulting in the ideal sweet and savory eating experience. Corn Ribs is belong on the 8 must try foods on Tiktok because this recipe tells you how to make a version without using a grill.

7. Baked Feta Pasta

8 Must Try Foods
Photo Credits: News Hub

If you tried to make baked feta pasta during TikTok’s pinnacle of popularity, there’s a decent chance you stumbled across bare shelves in your grocery store’s feta cheese area. The hashtag #BakedFetaPasta has over 147 million TikTok likes and has become a favorite dinner due to its ease of preparation.

To begin, place cherry tomatoes in a baking dish, followed by a slab of feta. After it has baked in the oven, season it and combine it well. Finish by adding the cooked pasta. This recipe is belong on the 8 must try foods in Tik-tok so if it wasn’t already a regular item on your dinner menu, it will be once you cook it for the first time.

8. Whipped Coffee

When the entire world was quarantined at the start of the pandemic, it looked like everyone and their neighbor was making creamed coffee. The drink, properly known as dalgona coffee, quickly went viral.

On TikTok, the hashtag #WhippedCoffee received 2.4 billion views. Consider making this sweet beverage instead of your usual morning brew one day. It’s made using an equal amount of instant coffee, sugar, and water. Froth the ingredients, add some ice, and stir in your preferred creamer before serving.

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