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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Gas Station Explodes In Russia Sending Massive Flames In The Air

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A Gas Station In Volgograd Russia Explodes Sending Flames Skyward

GAS STATION EXPLODES IN RUSSIA – As 2020 ramps up its series of unfortunate events, a gas station in Volgograd, Russia burst into massive flames in broad daylight.

Recently, a volcano erupted in Indonesia amid the coronavirus pandemic. Now, a similar incident happened with a gas station located in southwest Russia.

According to a report from the Independent, 13 people have been injured by the blast. Furthermore, 10 of those injured needed to be taken to the nearest hospital for immediate medical attention.

Gas Station Explodes In Russia Sending Massive Flames In The Air

Among the victims were the firefighters who responded to the initial flame that occurred around 12:40 p.m. local time. However, as the flames grew bigger, the inevitable blast literally scattered away the firefighters.

As per the report, the initial flames were believed to have been caused by a discharge of static electricity as fuel was being transferred from a tanker to an underground storage tank. Meanwhile, Maxim Chertovy, one of the firefighters on the scene recalled how he was knocked to the the ground.

Moreover, he said that when he looked up, the flames were already several meters high. Here is a video showing the massive fireball produced by the blast.

Here is another video uploaded by the YouTube Channel Disaster Compilations showing the different perspectives of the blast.

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