A Man Goes Viral After Operating an Electric Fan Without Electricity

In a recent viral sensation, a Filipino man has accomplished the seemingly impossible task of running an electric fan without electricity. In today’s age, many of us are contemplating ways to reduce our escalating electricity bills, especially with the intense heat brought by El Niño. This often leads to increased and prolonged usage of air conditioning units and electric fans.

Boy Bertod

While some of our fellow countrymen are opting to convert to solar power, the majority of us cannot afford the steep price of a solar setup, which can reach as high as three hundred thousand pesos, depending on the household’s energy demand.

Amidst these challenges, Filipinos are known for their creativity and resourcefulness in finding solutions. We have a natural inclination towards humor and joy, which was evident in the viral vlog of “Boy Bertod.” In his video, he ingeniously spins an electric fan without the aid of electricity, making it appear as if he has invented a groundbreaking device. Little did viewers know, it was merely a comedic act, as he simply rotated the fan blades with his hands.

Capturing the attention and amusement of netizens, his video quickly gained traction, accumulating nearly a million views since its upload on May 8th. With his entertaining content, he brings joy to viewers amidst their daily routines.

This viral sensation highlights not only the ingenuity and humor of Filipinos but also our ability to find laughter and amusement even amid challenges. It serves as a reminder that amidst the struggles we face, there is always room for creativity, humor, and joy.

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