A Student Gets Traumatized After Her Body-Shaming Experienced by a Modern Jeepney Conductor

A student’s post went viral after she experienced body-shaming from a Modern Jeep Conductor in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. The student, Lanimae Joy Libo-on Mag-aro, couldn’t avoid the embarrassment that followed when she was body-shamed by a conductor of a modern jeep in Bacolod City.

Modern Jeepney Conductor

In her post, she described the alleged traumatizing incident that left her feeling humiliated, causing her body to tremble and tears to flow. On her way home, when she boarded a jeep with the route to Homesite, she claimed that the conductor told her that she needed to pay double because she was taking up two seats. However, she reportedly ignored this and went to sit in the back. That’s when the conductor asked her, “Are you a regular passenger? You need to pay for two seats because you’re taking up two.” She quickly responded, “I’m a student, sir,” to which the conductor then told her that she should pay 22 pesos because the student fare was 11 pesos.

Lanimae Joy Libo-on Mag-aro

Feeling ashamed, she reluctantly decided to get out of the vehicle, even though she initially didn’t want to because of the conductor’s attitude. Another passenger spoke up, expressing disapproval of how she was treated, saying that what the conductor did was hurtful. As she got off the jeep, she couldn’t hold back her tears on the side of the road due to the humiliation she experienced.

She felt an overwhelming amount of pain and embarrassment, as her self-esteem took a hit in front of all the passengers who witnessed the incident. She called on future drivers and conductors to be more considerate in their words and actions because passengers pay their fares and shouldn’t be subjected to body-shaming or such behavior.

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