Viral Video: Outsider Scolds Student in Classroom

School Bullying Incident

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A Student Gets Traumatized After Her Body-Shaming Experienced by a Modern Jeepney Conductor

Student Get Body Shamed

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DepEd to Probe 6 Teachers in Cavite Allegedly for Harassment

DepEd to Probe 6 Teachers in Cavite Over Harassment to Students The Department of Education (DepEd) to probe the alleged harassment of six (6) teachers against their students in a school in Bacoor, Cavite. According to a report, the DepEd is looking into allegations of sexual harassment at a school in Bacoor, Cavite, involving six … Read more

Sara Duterte Attends Moving-up Ceremony of Supporter in Pangasinan

Sara Duterte Grants Wish of Supporter in Pangasinan to Attend Moving-up Ceremony Vice President-elect Sara Duterte grants the wish of a supporter in San Carlos, Pangasinan to attend the moving-up ceremony. Duterte followed through on a commitment she made to a student who had begged her to join her at her graduation. Duterte may be seen … Read more

DLSU-CSB Student Video About Election. Must Watch

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Angry Male Passenger Caught In The Video Maltreating A Female Student Inside An FX

Male Passenger Caught Maltreating  A Female Student

If ever you came across on this Facebook video, for sure you too have reacted with so much anger to this make passenger who verbally abused a female student passenger inside an FX.

The video has now garnered more than 1 million views with more than 200, 000 shares as of posting. This controversial video was been uploaded by a certain Soy Gonzales and has quickly gone viral.


As can be seen in the video, a man was seen shouting and cussing a female student inside an FX. According to Soy, the man, who was sitting with his wife beside him when the incident happened, shouted the female student because she was blocking his way.

As seen in the first video, you will witness the two exchanging hot words inside the FX. And as the female student tried to discuss the issue calmly with him, the angry male passenger was heard cursing the student.

The second video shows the heated arguments between the two of them after the male passenger and his wife coming down from the FX. The man was still shouting and cursing the student and it can be heard repeatedly. The man said that he is dealing with a big problem, and he also keeps saying cuss words to the female student.

And what’s even worse is that even though it was not captured in the video, Soy Gonzales claimed that the angry man punched the student on her shoulders.

The viral video has been a way to track the man in the video. Several netizens identified the man as Mike M. Arellano.

In a post by Social Trend PH, it can be seen that the police tracked Arellano’s location with the help of some concerned citizens. Several photos showed the alleged capture of Arellano.

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