Viral: Video Captures The Reason Why You Have Damaged Luggages

The Reason Why You Have Damaged Luggages

“Laglag bala” is just one of those problems existing in our airports nowadays, well aside from the epidemic corruption that is very timely, one that most Filipino citizens are also concerned is their broken luggages after being delivered to the airport x-ray scanners for some security purposes.

But why? Why do you think this happened? Why there are some baggages damaged in the process of inspection? Who do you this is liable for this damages?

In a viral video below posted by Facebook page, Trending Pinoy Videos with a description “Grabe!! ganito pala sila magtrabaho sa Airport! paano na lang kung may importante at babasagin sa loob ng mga bagahe?”, you can see a man at work in his designated area in which he is the one responsible for properly putting the luggages on the running x-ray scanning machine.

But what we can see is something that will make everyone’s head boil in anger. As can be seen the man is obviously very careless in doing his job as can be heard also as the luggages drop to the running machine.

Most of us complains about this concern and now this video made it clear. But on the other side, most people who commented on this viral video is concerned about of how hard the job is for the man, especially that it can be seen the he is the only one working on that area, and imagining how many the luggages he is lifting.

One certain Facebook user Niikko Chancoco commented, “Sabigat ng mga maleta na yan at dami, ganyan din ggwin ko.kasi hindi lang nmn isang eroplano gingwa nila nag hhabol din sila ng oras pra sa ibang flight. Mahirap ang trbaho ng ramp agent. Sobrang sakit sa likod”, who is obviously concern about the man.

Uuy Naika also commented, “Kaya aq kahit walang mababasag sinasabi q talaga na may mababasag para lagyan nila ng sticker.. Nadala na aq dati wasakwasak ang bagahe q. At hindi naman lahat ng staff o airlines ay ganyan ang gagawin gaya ng japan airlines kampante ka na walang masisira sa gamit mo.”

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