Araw Ng Kalayaan “Hugot Lines” Of Netizens On Twitter

Netizens have created their own “hugot lines” regarding the celebration of Araw ng Kalayaan and they expressed it on Twitter.

The Philippines is celebrating the 120th anniversary of Independence Day or Araw ng Kalayaan this June 12.

Netizens took part on this celebration by posting their thoughts about it. Some expressed their patriotism while there are those who commented with political color.

However, there are some netizens who took the matter lightly. These social media users have created their own “hugot lines” regarding the Araw ng Kalayaan.

Araw ng Kalayaan
(Photo source: Department of Interior and Local Government official website)

Here are some tweets about Independence Day with the sentiments of “hugoteros” and “hugoteras”.

As “kalayaan” means being free from something or someone, there were netizens who associated it with letting go and moving on.

Furthermore, there were netizens who used the word “kalayaan” to the things they want to do and they can’t do.

There were also other sentiments from ‘hugoteros’ and ‘hugoteras’ about relationship.

On a more serious note, there were netizens who expressed their thoughts regarding the concept of independence with regards to the situation of the country now.

On the official site of Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), this is stated regarding the Independence Day of the Philippines:

Section 1 of Republic Act No. 4166, entitled, β€œAn Act Changing the Date of Philippine Independence Day from July Four to June Twelve, and Declaring July Four as Philippine Republic Day, Further Amending for the Purpose Section Twenty-Nine of the Revised Administrative Code β€œ, the 12thΒ day of June as the Philippine Independence Day, and all the citizens of the Philippines are enjoined to observe such day with rites befitting Independence Day.

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