Car Owner Demands Large Amount of Money from Biker for Small Scratch

Car Owner Demanding Large Amount of Money from Biker for Small Scratch Elicits Reactions

A car owner elicited reactions from the online community for demanding large amount of money from delivery biker over a small scratch.

On Facebook, a concerned netizen expresses her displeasure with a car owner who demanded money from a Foodpanda delivery bike after his bike scratched her car. The delivery biker’s bike abruptly tumbled towards the car due to the strong wind, according to the post.

Biker Car Scratch

When the incident occurred, the rider was inside a restaurant waiting for his order. When the worried netizen returned the bike to its original position, he noticed a minor scratch on the car’s door. He even tried wiping the scratch away, but it only got smaller.

The guard, on the other hand, opted to notify the owner and refuse to let the Foodpanda biker go. When the owner came, she immediately began negotiating with the biker, telling him that if he did not pay, she would call the cops.

Biker Car Scratch

The terrified rider cried out, pleading with the owner to accept P1,000 as a one-time payment because he couldn’t afford the P2,800 the owner asked. He stated that he would not simply pay Foodpanda with his sales.

The owner, however, refused to accept the sum and stated that she would commute from Cavite for a few days while her car was being repaired at home. She even claimed that she would be bothered and would have to spend money as a result of the situation.

Meanwhile, he is still unable to deliver the food he purchased, but he was able to communicate with the food’s owner and understand the problem. The biker refused to accept the settlement because he didn’t have the money and it was his second day delivering to FoodPanda.

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