Demanding MRT Commuter Got Negative Feedback From Netizens

Demanding MRT Commuter, Karla Monique Olandesca became phenomenal for netizenz in social media. Netizens bullied and humiliated her after her post goes viral about the man who doesn’t offer her a seat on MRT. Her Facebook was tracked by netizens and was flooded with countless comments on her timeline. Enrage netizens blasted her with raucous words without holding, netizens didn’t notice that they are doing the same thing to the girl.

The girl was continually bashed for shaming a guy on social media. Netizens urged that this woman deserved to be slammed by judging other people. She even humiliate the man and quoted that the man’s face is ugly as his attitude. Every one doesn’t seem to understand that they have no difference with the girl for slamming unpleasant words and reaction.

The screen shots you are going to see are from the Facebook timeline of Karla Monique Olandesca.

Cyber bullying 1

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