Diwata Asking for Prayers Because Something Might Happen to Him

In a video uploaded on a Facebook page, a serious plea for prayers from Diwata can be seen, as she fears something bad might happen to her allegedly because of powerful individuals she did not name. It’s noticeable that Diwata mentioned being frequently seen by them amidst the multitude of vendors.

Pares Queen Diwata

If you recall, Diwata was apprehended multiple times when she used to sell her wares on the streets. Even when she acquired her stall, she still faced closure orders from the city hall. Despite this, Diwata persists in her vending business.

As Filipinos, it’s painful to admit that we tend to harbor envy towards those who are more successful, often resorting to schemes to bring them down. Unfortunately, it seems that this is what’s happening to Diwata now.

Diwata has come a long way from living under a bridge and working as a construction worker. With various jobs she ventured into, success isn’t far from her reach. With the help of compassionate individuals, blessings continue to flow into her life, with Rosmar’s assistance being the biggest blessing of all.

Pares Queen Diwata

However, in a video trending on a Facebook page, Diwata can be seen live, asking for prayers due to threats against her. It’s unclear whether the video is old or recent, but its contents are alarming. Hence, I deemed it necessary to write this article to spread awareness about Diwata’s plea for help.

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