Earthquake Interrupts Beach Wedding in Hacienda Don Juan, Glan Sarangani in a Viral Video

Out of concern and care for the environment, preparedness for natural disasters has become a part of our daily lives. However, at times, we do not anticipate that these events will become a part of joyous occasions, as happened in a beach wedding in Hacienda Don Juan, Glan Sarangani.

Saranggani Earthquake

A vibrant and joyful beach wedding recently captured the hearts of many netizens. However, in an unexpected turn of events, the strong bond of the couple was tested when happiness and apprehension collided. As guests and the foreign groom walked towards the altar on a Friday afternoon, the ground suddenly shook with a powerful earthquake measuring magnitude 6.8.

This incident occurred last Friday in Sarangani Province, where properties and large malls in the town were damaged. In the alarming situation, the government and non-government organizations promptly responded to assist those affected by the earthquake.

Saranggani Earthquake

Despite the damage caused by the natural calamity, the beach wedding became a poignant experience. In photos and videos circulating on social media, the surprise and fear on the faces of the guests are evident. The current events quickly faded into oblivion, with everyone prioritizing safety.

While witnessing the collapse of some infrastructures, schools, malls, and roads during those hours, it became a historic moment for the couple as the celebration of their love continued in the face of calamity. They did not hesitate to proceed with the ceremony, despite the fear and uncertainty in their eyes. This serves as proof of the strength and resilience of love amid any adversity.

Earthquake During Wedding

Because of this incident, the support and unity of the community have further flourished. This event is not only a testament to the couple’s unity but also to the entire town. In the end, this unexpected occurrence paved the way for a new chapter of love and hope amid the crisis faced by Hacienda Don Juan, Glan Sarangani.

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