Elementary Student Preaching To His Classmates Caught The Attention Of Netizens

A video of an elementary student who was preaching to his classmates was uploaded on Facebook and netizens were amazed of what they saw

Children in primary schools often get busy with playing during recess or break time, however an elementary student was caught doing the something not so usual for someone who has the same age as him.

The said boy was in the midst of his classmate sitting on a chair while preaching to those who are around him.

Elementary student
(Jonathan Uy FB account)

His videos while speaking what he learned from the Bible was posted on Facebook by netizen ‘Jonathan Uy’, based on the article published in Philippines Trends.

The netizen captioned it with Batang nagprepreach sa mga clasmate nya”.

When children with the same age as him speak, adult people sometimes do not take them seriously for it is in their nature to still be unsure of what they are saying.

On the other hand, it is a different case to the elementary student who was preaching to his classmates and to the people who were around him that time. He spoke with conviction and confidence in every word that he was saying.

(Jonathan Uy FB account)

It also evident that those who were around him paid much attention to what he was preaching and some even asked questions in between his sentences.

Though it can also be heard in the videos that some of the people listening to him threw some mocking remarks against him but the elementary student did not mind them. He was so focused in delivering the message he wanted to convey.

He was strongly convincing his listeners to have faith and believe that what he was saying is true and logical.

(Jonathan Uy FB account)

The videos of the elementary student also amazed a great number of netizens, based on the article.

As of the writing, the first video has reached more than 900 thousand views, 28 thousand reactions, more than 3 thousand shares and more than 200 comments while the second one has more than 4 million views, 45 thousand reactions, more than 5 thousand shares and more than 300 comments.


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