Thursday, March 23, 2023

‘Green Bananas To Yellow’ Photo Goes Viral

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A certain photo went viral when a netizen changed the color of bananas with the use of the software. He transformed his bananas from green to yellow.

Green Bananas

In a Facebook post from Sean Torrion, he posted before-and-after photos where he transformed his green bananas into yellow bananas with the use of Adobe Lightroom. “Thank you nga pala sa lightroom, Wala pang isang oras hinog agad saging namin,” Sean Torrion captioned his post.

Sean Torrion

His posts reached more than 31,000 shares as of this writing. Here are some of the captions from their shared posts:

Green Bananas

Hindi na uso SOOC edit nalang ang labanan,” a netizen captioned his shared post.

Green Bananas

The power of lightroom!” another netizen captioned her shared post.

Here are some of the comments from the said post:


Sana makatulog ka mamaya ng maayos,” a netizen wrote in the comments.


Omaygaddddd. Sean. wag mo kaming kalimutan ha. Hahahahaa peymuuuusss,” another netizen wrote in the comments.


Nang dahil sa saging, peymus ka na,” another netizen wrote in the comments.

The said post also reached more than 18,000 reactions. Most of the netizens reacted Haha on Sean’s post.

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