Ivana Alawi ‘Hinanap at Pinuntahan ang Viral na Pader Para Doon Umihi’

The wall with the inscription “bawal ang umihi dito pero si Ivana Alawi ay pwede” went viral, prompting Ivana to look for it so she could urinate there. Mariam Sayed Sameer Marbella Al-Alaw or Ivana Alawi began her career on the sixth season of GMA-7’s StarStruck, which aired in 2015, where she was among the top 22 contestants. She was later signed by GMA Artist Center.

Ivana Alawi

In 2019, Alawi launched her self-titled YouTube channel, which currently boasts one of the largest subscriber counts in YouTube Philippines, with millions of followers and fans. She is also the CEO of her own skincare brand called Ivana Skin. Her beauty and sex appeal are some of the factors that have attracted a large following, especially among men.

As a content creator and influencer, she has been honored by Google as the “Top YouTube Content Creator” in the Philippines for two consecutive years. In 2019, she won the “Best New Female TV Personality” award at the PMPC Star Awards for Television. In 2021, Alawi was ranked fourth on the “100 Most Beautiful Faces in the World” list by TC Candler.

Ivana Alawi

In her latest vlog, Ivana searched for the wall that went viral, with the inscription “No urinating allowed here, but Ivana Alawi is allowed,” so she could urinate there. She traveled a long distance from Quezon City to find Armando, the person who wrote that she was allowed to urinate there. When she arrived, Armando greeted her and even brought a bouquet of flowers to give to her.

Ivana Alawi

Carrying her portable toilet, Ivana urinated there while Armando waited outside, and after finishing, she handed Armando fifty thousand pesos. He was overjoyed and expressed his gratitude, and netizens were also delighted. Some even said they would write on walls like Armando did.

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