Controversial “Selfie Muna” Post Of Jamaica Imperio Goes Viral Due To This Reason

The controversial “selfie muna” post of netizen Jamaica Imperio caught the attention of many netizens and her post went viral due to this reason.

“Selfie Muna” has become a fast-rising trend on social media nowadays and netizen Jamaica Imperio was one of those girls who followed the fad.

Jamaica Imperio

People have different creative ways in doing their own “selfie muna” photos and it varies from whatever one wants to do.

On the other hand, the post of the said netizen received rage from other netizens because of her photo which is unlikely for a woman to post on social media.

Jamaica captioned her post with “SELFIE MUNA BAGO MAG PALIT NG PASADOR!” and included her photo while she was holding a disposable napkin with noticeable blood stain on her underwear.

(screen shot from @hypa.imperio FB Page)

As of the writing, her post has already received more than 22 thousand reactions and it has been shared for over 8 thousand times.

The “selfie muna” post of Jamaica Imperio also received more than 8 thousand comments and many of the commenters criticized what she did.

There are those netizens who said that it is not appropriate for a woman to post that kind of photo on social media. This came from most of the women who reacted to her interpretation of “selfie muna” trend.

Some netizens commented that Jamaica is just destroying her own image on social media because of what she posted and there were some who said that she should respect herself as a woman.

With that, she wrote on the comment box “RESPETO NAMAN GUYS!” and this even intensified the rage of many netizens.

(screen shot from @hypa.imperio FB Page)

Some netizens reacted that she should respect herself first before she demands it from other people.

Based on her profile information, Jamaica Imperio is a dancer in RBreezy and her controversial “selfie muna” post is just among her other attention catcher posts.

Here are some comments from netizens.

(screen shot from @hypa.imperio FB Page)
(screen shot from @hypa.imperio FB Page)


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